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Lupines, Pines and Ocean

16 x 16 Oil on board
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
Maine lupines by the sea, island view and pine trees. Doesn't get any better than this!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On the Marsh

11 x 14 Oil on canvas
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
My good camera broke, so these photos are not the best. I am using my phone which doesn't have the best camera. Hope to get a new one soon....

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Poppies in the Garden

10 x 10 Oil on board
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
Second painting going into the Taste of Tidewater in Falmouth, in August.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Path

10 x 10 Oil on board
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
This is the first of 2 paintings going into a fundraiser for August, called "The Taste of Tidewater", in Falmouth Maine.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Water Line

12 x 12 Oil on gessobord        SOLD
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
It's about time for a post, it has been a while!!
The colors were hard to capture in this photo, but they are close!!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

10 x 13 Pastel on paper
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
Cleaning some things out of my many layers of storage and came upon this old pastel. I decided I kind of like it....

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Alligator Pear

8 x 8 Oil on gessobord
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
Looking for some interesting facts on avocados, trying to give this little painting a different name, I came upon some new information regarding this fruit. Here is one of the facts, native to Mexico, this is what it is also known as!! Just hung in a show in Damariscotta, I'm sure the title will be baffling!

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11 x 14 Oil on cradled gessobord
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com

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Waxwings and Guest

11 x 14 Oil on gessobord
email: mcary1@maine.rr.com
This is an older painting I have reworked the background on.
After looking at the painting for a while in my studio, I felt it needed to be revised. It was
a little too busy before, I am happier now.

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