Friday, March 20, 2009

Ripe and Ready

6 x 6 Oil on masonite
Please email for price

I've been working on some larger paintings and trying to slip a small one in once in awhile.
I enjoyed going back to masonite for this. I do think I like this surface and feel more comfortable with it, but am sure to keep experimenting with a variety of paints and canvases.


  1. I've really enjoyed looking through your blog and website. I love your work! I especially like the graphic element in your still life compositions. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! You too have a style, even if you don't know it. :) Love these avocados, and I also really loved the abstract pastel and the golf course pastel.

  3. Your avocado looks guacamole ready...well done!

  4. Lush and luscious looking! I spent some time in Cape Elizabeth (my Aunt lived there for a couple of years) - and I loved it! And your name reminds me of my maiden name - Kelley Carey! I like your blog - your limes and cherries are amazing! I'll be checking back in.

  5. I love these colors and simple shapes.