Thursday, November 19, 2009

Autumn and Audubon

6 x 6 Pastel on paper
$65.00 framed, plus shipping

This is an abstract study I did a while ago. Fall is an easy time to go a little wild with color, and in the sun color can be mesmerizing at peak foliage.


  1. When this picture came up on the screen, I said "oh wow!" out loud. This is really spectacular. You have a real looseness with the pastels and you don't seem to be afraid to experiment. This seems more impressionistic than abstract...maybe a combination of both. Loved the two previous posts as well. Have you seen Marc Hanson's pastels and oils? He is another artist who's work I recently discovered. His plein air work is amazing.

  2. Great blogs Mary Anne, I particularly like these pastels. I agree with Catherine and would be more inclined to describe them as impressionistic than abstract. The colours are wonderful and vibrant.