Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden View to Richmond Island

11 x 14 Pastel on paper

I just finished a wet paint auction I co-chaired this past weekend and there were over 300 people there. It was a huge success, with wonderful weather and motivated buyers, I even met my first fellow blogger in person. This was a view from the estate where the event was held. I photographed it and painted at home. I was asked to hang some paintings in a space at a local college, so exhausted but willingly I prepared some things in 2 days and this was one. Unfortunately, I had to frame everything quickly, and was trying to take photos at nite, so they are not the best quality or depiction of the work. I thought I better use them since I am low on material. I was satisfied with the pieces, these photos will have to do!


  1. Absolutely beautiful Mary Anne. Bad photo aside, the composition, colors, energy and perspective all work. (I couldn't tell it was a bad photo by the way :-)

  2. Your application and use of color is stunning! This is just beautiful, I can't imagine it's an unsuccessful photo of it! Glad the event was a success and congratulations on hanging your work, it's lovely. Take care.

  3. This piece is stunning and if the paintings are even better, all I have to say is WOW...great work Mary Anne!