Monday, August 23, 2010

Kennebunk Beach

10 x 10 Oil on canvas

I have returned to this scene more than once, I think many artists have a view and area that for some reason they keep going back to over and over.


  1. I love Maine, and also everything about this painting. Your lush brushwork and play of warm colors and cool green foliage work beautifully together. That little bit of blue sea along the horizon makes me want to get into my car and drive up there now!

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  3. I can see why. A lovely spot and an incredible painting. So lush I can feel the sand between my toes!

  4. The blue-greens attracted me immediately. And I LOVE the small dash of pink - it really works! I can see why this is an artists favorite location - this reminds me of the beaches around Lake Michigan! Just wonderful. Limited pallet is something we are taught as beginners... :) But just so hard to do.