Monday, October 11, 2010

Nectar Search

6 x 6 Oil on masonite
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These are some bees from our hive, we actually have two hives. This is our second year for having these and harvesting honey. It is such an interesting thing to experience, and not much work at all. The natural order they follow, along with their honey production is pretty amazing.
They will be closing up for the winter soon, and kickin the males out! Their usefulness is done for the season, bye bye drones! I have been wanting to try some paintings of these pretty little buzzers, it was fun and hope to try some other versions soon.


  1. What a great little painting! Bees are just amazing little creatures! Our hives have fascinated since we started last year...I can't wait to paint more bees too.

  2. I love this. We have a hive also. We didn't get a lot of honey this year and then they swarmed 3x. Love bees!

  3. Very fun painting of bees! How wonderful that you have hives... who doesn't love honey... some many tasty varieties. I particularly like buckwheat honey.