Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just Curious

8 x 8 Oil on gessobord   SOLD
I love cows and the way they seem so curious as to what we humans are up to. I have a lot to learn about painting these special creatures!


  1. Love the way u have given a blue tinge to the entire work. Fabulous.

  2. I like your cows! Great shot and title. I love black and white cows but I think they are hardest to paint. ???

  3. I have several photos of some cows looking over a fence at me; and they've been standing there, waiting to be painted for about 5 years - because I think they're going to be very difficult and I too love cows and don't want to spoil them! So very well done to you, Mary Anne - you've captured their 'cow-ness' perfectly!

  4. This is wonderful, and this is really how cows stand there and check things out!