Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still Life with Stripes

11 x 14 Oil on cradled canvas
I have been feeling confined and needed to paint larger. I think even larger is in the near future. I needto break out!! This is an okay photo, but I have to say the shadows in "real life" are more purple!!
New photo added, I think this is a closer match to the real art....


  1. Really liking your shadows, stripes and cropping Mary Anne!

  2. Susan about said it all! Very nice composition, and I love those stripes!

  3. Lovely composition and colors. Like the larger size as well. You have been doing a lot of painting! Hope I can start getting back to spending more time in the studio and visiting!

  4. WOW!! this is amazing mary anne! every part is done beautifully, but the shadows of the flowers dancing on the folds just makes this sing!! gorgeous. it's going right into my inspiration folder! bravo!!

  5. This is very striking. I love the bold colors and wonderful energy! So happy to find your blog!