Friday, September 11, 2009

Spring Marsh 1

10 x 10 Pastel
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More grass! This one took me a while to like, but now it is one of my favorites. Grass could be an endless subject with me, I find such interesting grasses everywhere I go now. Funny, when you become aware of something how you can start getting obsessed. I keep looking out the window as I'm driving to see the types, shapes and patterns and to watch how they move when the wind blows. Fortunately, I live where there are marshes and fields!


  1. Another gorgeous grass scene! The turquoises and blues are beautiful.
    Thanks for the photos. Its great to see another sailing area, and there are some super scenes.

  2. This really grabbed my attention as I was flipping through blogs. I had to stop and look at it for awhile. The colors are gorgeous....the sun on the grass couldn't have been handled better. I just love it.