Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Tangled Web

8 x 10 Pastel matted and framed to 14 x 16
$140 plus shipping
email: macary1@maine.rr.com

Another view of the same scene, I am a little worried about posting, I'm afraid my artwork time is limited these days. I am preparing to go to Florida for the month of March, so all my time is going into getting ready and organizing things here so they will run smoothly. I am nervous about leaving for so long, but am also very excited. It is a trial for the future to see where and how my husband and I will like to spend winters as he slows down his work schedule. I plan on bringing supplies with me, but I can already feel the frustration with the need to paint but not being able to. Somehow I will balance things I guess, hopefully be inspired by new environment and get to see a lot of new art in a different part of the country. I will try to be diligent!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your work. Each piece brings me joy. Lovely work.

  2. I wonder if the title "Tangled Web" is also describing the situation you find yourself in. Many artists take time off from posting, and usually announce it on their blog. You will probably be so inspired by your new surroundings, that you will find the time to paint. I can already see new marsh scenes with exotic birds!
    Another great grass scene!