Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Self Portrait

Digital Photo
I have never painted a self portrait, so I thought this could take the place of one, for now at least. There was a reflective sculpture on the beach that consisted of several panels. The distortion and grainy clarity made for an interesting shot. (I did several) Fun to play around!


  1. The depth & perspective perception is wonderful!

    Best Wishes!


  2. Sorry Dana, I should have been more explicit, this is a photo. I will have to make sure I put that under my pictures, seeing this IS a painting blog!

  3. This is cool. You are finding lots of neat things and I hope you find the bottle wall... maybe its called a fence and was a short walk from down town. Its been years since I was there, and I kind of remember that a woman did it and once it got hit by a car and she rebuilt it. Maybe that happened again.