Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breakfast Table

6 x 6 Oil on gessoed masonite

I have been really busy, and feel guilty about neglecting my painting. Does thinking about it count? Maybe a little, eventually I am just going to set myself back. Sometimes I feel defeated to keep up with my daily responsibilities, and try to paint. I think part of it is organization. I am definitely in need of organizing and prioritizing. All big words. I better get to work and find a solution, after I go to bed and sleep on it.


  1. Very nice composition, Mary Anne. This painting made me think of Gwen Bell's paintings. She often uses a patterned cloth for a background. I like that the bowl and cup are cropped. It brings the eye back around to the eggs. Sorry about your cold weather! It is so hot and dry here...we are in a drought with water restrictions.

  2. this is amazing! i love everything about it! the point of view and the texture are perfect! i know how you feel! if i get all my chores done but don't paint i feel guilty...if i just paint and do do my chores i feel guilty! oh well! good luck getting organized..i'm still trying to! :0)

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