Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Table Setting

8 x 10 Oil on gessoed masonite
It is rainy, cold and dreary in New England. I feel we are losing out on the spring here. We are supposed to be out enjoying this time of year, gardening, walking and enjoying the new flowers. Instead, we are holed up, and I am getting impatient! My son is leaving to go sailing off the coast of Mexico into the warm and sunny South Pacific. My imagination is with him in the bright sunshine and surrounded by aqua waters with warm tropical breezes......


  1. Beautiful colors makes me feel like spring. You may be interested to know that spring in Tennessee seems to have gone away as well. Wish it would come back for both of us.

  2. it's really depressing isn't it? so much rain. your painting brightened my day though. beautifully done! good idea to send your imagination along with your son!

  3. Lovely lilies--nice still life. Yes--it's been a pitiful spring. I feel I have cabin fever all over again.