Monday, April 12, 2010

Mangrove Tangle 1 & 2

Pastel on paper 9 x 12

Pastel on paper 8 x 8

These are 2 studies I did of the Mangrove roots. I took photos kayaking one day, going in and out of the little passageways was so much fun, it feels so otherworldly and jungle like. They are interesting plants, I will continue to work some more on these. I think I was happier with less root showing, but got a little carried away. Simpler might be better in this case.


  1. Oh my these are just stunning! I'm traveling with you in the kayak, green with envy. you did not get carried away. simply amazing, great palatte.

  2. These are great! Very reminiscent of the "grass" paintings which I love. I don't think you got carried away either...I love the energy going on in the root areas and I agree with the previous can almost feel the sights, sounds and smells of kayaking through these areas. Love the contrasting reddish color in the roots.

  3. Both of these are so the abstract shapes of the roots and the linear strokes of the foliage.