Friday, April 9, 2010

Mangrove Tree

9 x 9 Pastel (unframed size)

This is similar to the oil painting I did, but I wanted to try a pastel. I am in love with the Mangroves and the colors, there will be more paintings of these for sure.


  1. Wonderful movement in you mark making. I can feel these trees swaying in the wind and see the water rippling.

  2. So what's the verdict in comparing the pastels to the oils Mary Ann? I like your touch with pastels - are they on a black base?
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words too.

  3. The Mangrove trees are very interesting...I'm not sure if I have ever seen one. The painting is wonderful and it reminds me of your expertise with grasses!

  4. I agree, you have completely captured the feeling of movement. I am drawn in by the way you have created the trunks/branches. Bravo!

  5. This is just fabulous, Mary Anne! I feel as if I am right there in the kayak with you. You definitely should keep up with a series of these mangroves!