Monday, November 8, 2010

In Search of Home

11 x 14 Oil on masonite

This is one of three paintings I am doing for a show with the title "In Search of Home". It can be any aspect of what a home means or looks like to us. It can be a glimpse of a room, some architecture or occupants, etc. This to me, is a comforting look at home. Dogs, resting in the sun within their safety zone, watching the world thru the window, happy, well fed and peaceful in their surroundings. (Daring anyone to come to the door!) To me, a home is a place where a pet or two shares the space adding to the love and chaos.......
I will post the other entrants in a week, I am off on vacation! Happy painting to all, I will miss painting, but will plan many in my head for when I return in a week!